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5AXISMAKER Machine Specs

Dimensions 5xm400

Axis travel (working volume) 5xm400

Dimensions 5xm600

Axis travel (working volume) 5xm600

Mechanical resolution

Electronic resolution

Mechanical repeatability

Max travel speed XYZ

Max travel speed BC

Power requirements


Computer interface

Computer requirements




Included items


790 x 580 x 800mm /31in x 22in x 31in

400 x 400 x 400 mm /15.7in x 15.7in x 15.7in

990 x 780 x 1000mm /38.9in x 30.7in x 39.3in

600 x 600 x 600 mm /23.62in x 23.62in x 23.62in

XYZ axis: 0.036mm/ 36 microns /0.0014in; BC-axis: 2 arcmin/ 0.034 degrees

XYZ axis: 4.5microns; BC-axis: 0.25 arcmin /0.0041degrees

XYZ axis: 0.05mm /0.00196in; BC-axis: 1arcmin

15000mm/min(X,Y) /590in/min; 3000-6000mm/min(Z) /120-240in/min

20rpm(C)  20rpm(B)

1200W, 240-100V, 50/60hz, 13A (supplied with IEC power cable for different countries)

5xm400 – 72kg (crated); 5xm600 – 93kg (crated)

Ethernet/ USB

Windows operating system with Mach3, Windows on Mac

MACH3 (to be purchased separately from an official vendor)

supports any CAD/CAM software (providing there is post-processor available), includes one year commercial subscription to Autodesk® Fusion 360™Ultimate

Complete 5-axis machine and electronics box, IEC power cable, Ethernet cable, Set of tool-heads: milling head, extruder head,  mounting bracket for custom tools, ER11 collet,wrench, sample milling bit.




Stepper Motor Suspension Mechanism ™

Designed to prevent backlash and damage to the whole machine during collision

Tool changer

Swappable tools for a faster workflow. Each tool is made with an indexical lip for precise tool change

BC sensor Homing

Automated calibration and positioning for a fast and practical set up

Induction Sensors

Built-in sensors for reliable and safe performance,

Practical design for maintenance

Machine is built with easily replaceable modules for easy maintenance and repair

Reliable Electronics 

Tested reliable controller, power supply that works in any country, shielded branded cables used widely in robotics field for an accurate signal transmission.



Brushless motor: 500-1000W

Spindle speed: 10,000 or 15,000 rpm

Collet: ER11 (range of metric & imperial sizes)

Usable materials: Foam, modelling and tooling board, machinable wax, engineering plastics, carbon fibre, hardwood, corian and other solid surface material


Filament size: 1.75mm

Nozzle size: 0.6mm (additional range of 0.4-1.2mm nozzles can be purchased separately)

Heated bed: excluded, for PLA use acrylic sheet

Usable materials: PLA, ABS


For touchprobe and any custom tools enquire for more details






Foam, modelling board, tooling board, acrylics, engineering plastics, machinable wax, carbon fibre, DuPont Corian® solid surface and equivalent, any hardwood (Timber milling on 5xm600: for best results mount timber stock appropriately, ask more for details). 5axismaker is great for making moulds, pieces of furniture, any design prototypes and final design pieces.

bluefoam 0.5mm stepover finish (finest possible stepover is 0.036mm)

Finest possible stepover is 0.036mm which is 14 times finer than on the images above

polyurethane 0.5mm stepover finish (finest possible stepover is 0.036mm)

mahogany hardwood 0.5mm stepover finish (finest possible stepover is 0.036mm)